alexander iii coin

$475. Commemorative Medal of the Reign of $160. Alexander coins were considered sound money as the receiver knew that the coin was of a certain weight of silver. Mint Mark: Berwick mint. Find out more. Flan sizes were used heavily to date coins by Ludvig Müller in his groundbreaking 1855 book Numismatique d'Alexandre le Grand, suivie d'un appendice contenant les monnaies de Philippe II et III, which was the first systematic attempt to attribute the multitude of Alexander varieties, but the flan-size test has been shown to be unreliable in too many instances. 24 points with larger face Good VF : £70 01/12/2007 Auction 119: World Coins: Lot 767: Scotland. Coin House: King of Scotland. Items per page. Sort By Total items found 23. Alexander III (Russian: Алекса́ндр III Алекса́ндрович, tr. Alexander III. EU1914 Add to Compare. It is often their official symbols and monograms that we find on the coins. The value of the coin principally came from what it was made of, not who issued the coin. Our experts also recommend. Scotland, Alexander III, Farthing £ 750.00. World Coins: Lot 1417: Scotland Penny Alexander III (1249-86) 2nd coinage class D. 25 points on reverse. Alexander the Great III AR Tetradrachm Coin 336-323 BC SHARP DETAILS B24 #Z881: Artikelzustand:--Keine Angabe. Sep. 2020 04:05:55 MESZ. View; EU2949 Add to Compare. Alexander III. They continued to strike Alexander III type coins posthumously out of their own, smaller kingdoms, creating millions of coins nearly identical to those he had issued. Receive updates on our latest coins & medals, and be the first to hear about our special offers. Metal: Silver. Auch für seine Tetradrachmen und Drachmen wählte Alexander einen neuen Münztyp: Er ließ sie mit dem Bild des Herakles auf der Vorderseite und dem des Zeus auf der Rückseite ausbringen. Beendet: 27. Some of the best known Diadochi that struck coinage of Alexander III were Seleucus I, Ptolemy I, Lysimachus, Cassander, and Phillip III. Ca. Preis: Rabattierter Preis US $300,16. Country: Scotland. Very fine. Scotland, Alexander III, Halfpenny £ 350.00. References: S.5057: Weight: 1.42 g: Newsletter. EUR 255,59 (einschließlich Versand) Ca. S.5057. Silver Agricultural Table Medal. View; EU1916 Add to Compare. He was highly reactionary and reversed some of the liberal reforms of his father, Alexander II. £60 06/06/2008 Auction 121: World Coins: Lot 301: Scotland Penny Alexander III S.5054 type Mb. Alexander III., Tetradrachme zu Lebzeiten, Makedonien. Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich; 10 March 1845 – 1 November 1894) was Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland from 13 March 1881 until his death on 1 November 1894. Aus Auktion Gorny & Mosch 186 (2010), 1252. The weights of the coins were regulated by city officials called magistrates.

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