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Hello, need a little advice pls. And with a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge, it’s no surprise that Sally likes to experiment with different methods. And if you write about growing we’d love to hear from you. Sally’s blog is full of tried-and-tested advice for gardenersImage: Sally Nex. And with twenty years of film and TV production between them, their blog is bursting with beautiful images and witty words. She’s also a keen advocate of gardening without plastic, and shares some great ideas about different alternatives, such as the pros and cons of wooden seed trays. Fifteen years on, Michelle grows pretty much everything. So dive in and let horticulturalist Ade show you how to battle aphid invasions and upcycle just about any old rubbish into vital equipment for the allotment. Your soil is not especially adicic so I wouldn’t worry too much about liming it, but a good dose of well rotted manure or garden compost would help to boost its fertility. Through the publication of our catalogues and the operation of our award-winning website, Thompson & Morgan is able to provide home gardeners with the very best quality products money can buy. And it’s thanks to Grandad Jack that our blogger got his first taste for growing. allotment, Flowers, grow your own. Sue. Your email address will not be published. Harvest by colour. You’ll find a wealth of tutorials and some magnificent recipes including allotment soup and figgy cheese tart. This huge Asian ‘vegetable’ is strikingly ornamental and has medicinal properties. Discover how she transformed the jungle that was Plot 2a into a treasure-trove of taste (it took two weeks and 48 full green waste bags) and follow her delicious tutorials to create delights such as gooseberry pickle. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ever wondered if you should break the rules when it comes to bulbs or asked yourself how to deal with ‘June drop’? My ideal Saturday or Sunday includes working up a sweat at my allotment in the morning, followed by a cup of tea admiring the views. Many thanks for including my Flighty’s plot blog on this list. August 22, 2020 — 5 Comments. Recipes Paprika potato wedges. An Allotment blog exploring gardening and growing your own produce. allotment, Flowers. Digging out the answers to your gardening and allotment questions so that you don’t have to! Intriguing, huh? The granddads Matt Peskett wants to emulate are his very own – Grandad Jack and Great-Grandad George, both head gardeners in their time. I love to travel and find new and exciting green places to explore. Every gardener nurtures their crops, but The Event Gardener’s Sandra Lawrence takes this to another level. The Snail Barrier Performance Trial (time-lapse video) is not to be missed. 2020 Carrot Tops Allotment, An Allotment blog exploring gardening and growing your own produce, VIDEO: The Old Man of Coniston, Lake District, Exploring Nuuksio National Park, Helsinki – Finland, National Gardening Week: Celebrating all things edible with Charles Dowding. This allotmenteer and ‘subversive soprano’ from Wiltshire has been tending her plot since 2003, when her husband’s illness inspired her to grow good, honest fayre for her family. And it’s no wonder. I love growing my own vegetables and experimenting in the the kitchen. ‘You won’t find romance here,’ warns Punam Farmah, psychology teacher, adventurous allotmenteer and writer of the Horticultural ‘obbit. Love it. Sally’s simple vegetable plot tips for complete beginners will set you up for success. 1st row 9 seeds germinated. July 7, 2020 — 0 Comments. Carrot Tops Allotment. Mini Allotments Allotment Blog 2020 The Store Obituary Publications Gallery AGM Contacts and Links RADLETT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Notes from a small allotment. I’ve recently started an allotmenting blog and hope to be somewhere near as good as these guys in five years time Richard’s Blauwschokker peas are thriving in his no-dig allotment Image: Sharpen Your Spades. By Peter Hordern. Harvest. If you’re fascinated by unusual produce or dream of living the good life on a modestly-sized smallholding, Sally Morgan’s blog, Living on one acre or less, is a brilliant resource. Please refresh the … Our kind of chap. There’s scrumptiousness further down if you keep scrolling…. Of course, you’ll need compost, too – ‘how to make a compost bin‘ is a fantastic guide to making the only system you’ll ever need – from scratch! There is more detailed info and a handy video in this article His early growing career was a tempestuous one as he hurtled from one short-lived allotment fling to the next. Blue Skies and Straw Flowers 5 days ago The Comfrey Patch. Last yr i grew same seed , rotation in garden, crop very poor. July 6, 2020 — 6 Comments. This is such a great resource for people passionate about gardening and allotments. How many packets of seeds do you have that you meant to sow but just didn’t get around to? Plus there are garden sudokus for rainy days and ‘young seedlings’ ideas to get the children hooked on growing. Search. Sandra’s top tip for finding out if they’re viable is to test on a dinner plate with some kitchen roll, clingfilm, moisture and a little patience. Copyright © Thompson & Morgan, 2004-2019. Any advice pls. I’ve had an allotment for around 10 years now and I show no signs of stopping. It all started in the ‘80s with a single plot on a West Yorkshire allotment. Sally writes about what she’s growing, the animals she keeps and different techniques to try. Please refresh the page and/or try again. Whether it’s “no-dig”, peat-free or “deep mulching,” she generously shares her own successes and failures along with plenty of tips. 2019 (46) December (2) November (4) October (2) September (4) August (4) ... An Allotment Blog | An allotment blog exploring growing your own and food. Since the first seed catalogue was published in 1855, Thompson & Morgan has grown to become one of the UK’s largest Mail Order Seed and Plant companies. The T&M blog has a wealth of knowledgeable contributors. There’s an allotment revival going on at the moment. Ever wondered if you should break the rules when it comes to bulbs or asked yourself how to deal with ‘June drop’?… Their superpowers are sustainability, thriftiness and some very green fingers. Sophie and Ade are the Agents of Field and their mission is to save the Earth ‘one forkful at a time’. Find out more about them on our. She generously shares growing techniques and top tips with her readership; such as why you should always leave slug-nibbled berries on the plant. Hope this helps Nettle pesto, anyone? August 9, 2019 September 25, 2019. Grow Like Grandad is full of expert information on allotmenteering, from how to grow giant pumpkins to a comprehensive guide to tackling your first allotment. It’s official: eggshells do NOT deter snailsImage: Grow Like Grandad. And if fruit trees hold more interest than veg seeds for you, Sandra has some top advice on how to transform the humble apple into the main event. Sally has the ideal way to get your plot off to a flying start. “You don’t see udo very often in the UK,” says Sally Morgan. Let Mike keep you up to date with the progress of this season’s crops and his close encounters with Foxy. In a vase on Monday – just two sorts. Its always frustrating when crops fail inexplicably. © Skip to the content. Growing your own helps you eat better and cheaper, get fit, and spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. Flighty’s Plot is tended by Mike: ‘allotmenteer, armchair gardener, blogger and sofa flyer’.

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