army convalescent leave for knee surgery

1. This RAR is effective 20 September 2011. I stubborned my way through the pain and against my 1SGs commands so that I could be fit to support. Push the docs to take care of you. Leave the beer until you're off the meds. Very different in some particulars, but there's a point. Once you get off con leave you should meet with an army doc who will write up a profile for you, mine was for a month of no PT, no lifting anything greater than 10 pounds (12 oz beers are ok). My doctor put on the form that the VA requested that I not be able to do any type of work for 3 months. I’m wanting to pursue a discharge and find another way to serve my country. I have read about others on reddit and elsewhere and found that Chondromalacia is listed in AR 40 501 as MED board initiating or a no go for fit for duty. Readiness is our mission. The evidence must show the surgery or treatment was for a service-connected disability. Since the success of the surgery won't be known for 3 months following the 1 week of hospitalization, the Veteran is granted a temporary 100% evaluation for three months, and his disability compensation is increased accordingly. I had a PKR in Oct 2011, I was only given 2 months at 100% and was only given a 10% rating on my knee. They granted me for 4 months for my convalescent leave. You need to have imagining done of your knee. Cosmetic surgery is considered a type of elective surgery—one that does not treat a medical condition or improve function or overall health. 2. Who May Grant Convalescent Leave. Now, you really need to take care of yourself, but that doesn't mean your career is over either. Not a medical person, but the healthcare provider is screwing you by not ordering at least an X-ray, if not a MRI. As far as the surgery went, I got cut open and sent home the same day, dropped off some paperwork at company and the clinic, then went home and sat on my ass. Do you want to still be able to run? And if I get surgery, that's many more months...I'll soon be 1/4th of the way through my enlistment and have done nothing but been a medical experiment. When contemplating cosmetic surgery, there are some special considerations to keep in mind. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Ahhhh, so I guess it wasn't all bullshit. His VA physician has discussed the knee's deterioration and they have decided to operate. Imaging "revealed nothing." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This also includes laboratory work completed at a civilian facility and pre-operative studies or tests required by the surgeon. Keep going to your appointments. I asked for an MRI and he said I don't need one. Primary and secondary caregivers may request ordinary leave in conjunction with the birth of a child. If you were in the Air Force, you may have spent a good bit of time crouched under – or in – planes. Surgery, through action taken upon the report by a medical board or the recommended findings of a physical evaluation board, or higher authority. It might be that eventually they'll say you need surgery, and that will fix the situation. I thought that I was doing the right thing by pushing through it, but I was fuking myself over. He was sympathetic but thankfully there was nothing he could do, and once the PA clued me in, I was good to go. ¯ú a.ØÙVƜ˜0=öÛA,í:뻵x$Fğq…dÖï8D�¯ÏÜ ?Ì/SD†©SÍ%ì¼UCˆĞ�_ÁÚ›zIà �z¦ If you are within six months of an established separation or retirement date, you must also obtain approval from the Air Force Personnel Center, Medical Standards Branch, prior to proceeding with any elective surgery, including cosmetic surgery. Moving the tibial tubercle medially (towards the inside of the leg) treats patellar instability by decreasing the lateral pull on the patella. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. This would be my third surgery on left knees in the past 2 years, Partial Knee Replacement - Convalescent Leave, It was difficult deciding when to actually see a doc. The surgery resulted in severe postoperative residuals, such as incompletely healed surgical wounds, stumps of recent amputations, therapeutic immobilizations, house confinement, or required the use of a wheelchair or crutches. Additionally, any complications that may occur from any procedure without proper approval will result in 100 percent out of pocket costs as Tricare will not cover this treatment. visit for more resources. Build that proud in case you do go through the MEB. MRDP is the point when the MD says you are as good as you are going to get. I did kinda the same thing you did with my knee. But I was suspicious, so I got the report. Just making sure but I wouldn't mix Percocet or any other opoids with alcohol. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The MTF commander will provide your squadron commander with an expected recovery time for your specific surgery. You'll have a follow up with the doc at the end of the profile to determine if you need more time for recovery. Additionally, any complications that may occur from any procedure without proper approval will result in 100 percent out of pocket costs as Tricare will not cover this treatment. I was medically dropped from pre-RASP for a knee injury that occurred at airborne. Those things can really run the gamut from being no big deal to taking months to heal properly. In TTT surgery the tuberosity, with the tendon attached, is cut and shifted medially. (Effective as to outpatient surgery March 1, 1989.) Summary. best part about all of this is i get to do it again in about 5-7 years with a tkr. It's a cop-out, and it makes you look like a dirt bag when the chain of command keeps reading "pain" written on your profile, week after week. The PA did offer a brace as a treatment option but told me it doesn't really do anything. This publication is a rapid action revision (RAR). Some points that he mentioned were - Think about it this way: what do you want to do after the Army dumps you? What makes the distinction is not so much whether an Army or civilian surgeon is on the case, but the size and location of the cyst and whether it gets infected. Fell inward and twisted my knee on a jump. 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1). At MRDP you will be evaluated for limitations. The timeline is as follows: Hooah’d through chronic knee pain during OSUT. If you are broke, they will fix you. The struggle is how much longer can I be the unproductive broken guy, ya now? This is essential to preserve unit readiness. The tubercle is held in its new position with 2 screws made of stainless steel. Get an MRI if you can, you'll be able to confirm whether there's damage to your ACL/MCL, if it is you need surgery. The surgery required convalescence of at least one month. Any time spent in surgery or convalescing from surgery is time you are not available to execute the mission. The further difficulty is that those cysts tend to be in an area that is damp and, well... dirty. 628th MDOS commander (Photo by Official photo). Take care of yourself and your future. As a rule, cosmetic surgeries are not covered by Tricare. I got 0% for runners knee, so good luck getting med boarded for it. I thought I was genuinely damaging something. Now. 2. I didn’t always feel this way, but I joined to do this now I can’t. The length and duration will be different from mine as it is a different injury, regardless just do what the doc tells you. This includes the time you will need to take as personal leave for recovery, as well as the additional length of time during which you will have duty/mobility restrictions. I'm pretty sure I'll need surgery at some point, but the brace helps a lot with everyday life. The temporary 100% rating may continue for 1 to 3 months depending on individual circumstances. In most of these situations, the leave is for a period of 30 days. I don’t want to be limping by 30. Back still hurt but I pushed through it because I knew it was just pain. If you obtain cosmetic surgery without your squadron commander’s approval, you can be subject to disciplinary action. In 2016, Americans spent more than $16 billon on cosmetic surgery. Attention A T users. The system is working like it was designed to... bc you got injured before you ever got to go to RASP, and now the army has another infantryman who doesn't get his bonus. They start to think it's fake and lean on you. A Veteran has a left knee condition rated 30% disabling.

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