brief history of isabela

It had a density of 130 inhabitants per square kilometre or 340 inhabitants per square mile. There are five airports in the province. Isabela was first referred to by its ethnic groups (the Yakans, Samal Bangingih, Badjaos and Tausogs) as “PASANGAN”, which name it still holds among the natives. History . FB Page: City Government of Isabela de Basilan, City Peace and Order Council holds 3rd Quarter Meeting, City BIOs Challenged to Do, Lead more; Role as Force Mutipliers Pushed, CDRRMO FUNDS REALIGNED FOR THE PROCUREMENT OF 2 NEW SEA AMBULANCES FOR THE CITY, Isabela City LGU inks MOA with MLhullier Philippines-Basilan. The law laid out the present boundaries of the City of Isabela. The solar power facility will be constructed at a 100-hectare land at Barangay Cabannungan, several kilometers away from the city proper. To the east lies the Philippine Sea, making Isabela one of the typhoon-prone provinces in the country. Shell midden sites and other archaeological sites throughout the province constitute the material culture of those groups during the classical era. Of the total household population, 68.71 percent classified themselves as Ilocanos, followed by the Ibanags (14.05 percent), and Tagalogs (10.02 percent). Isabela was ruled by the Dy family for 34 years, from 1969 to 2004. Another Dy took over the gubernatorial seat in 2001 when Faustino Dy Jr. won the 2001 elections after having served as the district representative of the 2nd Legislative District of the province from 1992 to 2001. The construction of an 82-kilometer road through the protected Sierra Madre mountains is designed to open access to three coastal towns of the province. There have been proposals to change the name of the province into something that will better suit the indigenous roots of the country. Road. [33], The province of Isabela is the richest in Cagayan Valley. There are also small number of Muslims. [17][18] The night after the plebiscite, Ilagan was declared as a component city of the province.[19]. History. The province was placed under the jurisdiction of a governor with Ilagan as the capital, where it remains up to present. There are several public and private educational institutions, the most notable being the Isabela State University, a government-owned and controlled public university. Since the start of the 21st century, a growing number of foreign and local investors have selected Isabela as site of their business ventures. Isabela de Basilan Political Subdivisions of Isabela City. The remaining barangays not covered by Basilan City became the new Municipality of Isabela, with Barangay Begang as its seat of government. [2] Saleeby, Najeeb Mitry. At the national level, the province contributed 1.58 percent to the total population of 88.57 million. People especially in the capital and commercial centers speak and understand English and Tagalog. Isabela is a city that is built to stand. Isabella's half-brother became Henry IV, king of Castile, when their father, John II, died in 1454 when Isabella was 3. Farming is highly mechanized as most of the agricultural lands are irrigated. The población of Municipality of Isabela became the new and much smaller Basilan City which was not administratively part of Basilan Province. It is separated from Zamboanga to the north by the Basilan Strait. If cities are excluded, Bugallon Proper (Poblacion) in Ramon has the highest population, and Uauang-Tuliao in Santo Tomas has the lowest. 23-08 (July 29, 2008). A survey revealing quite number of ranches in San Pablo led to the establishment of the Baka Festival. 593, December 2, 1974. And at the same time building a fundamental political unit called 'Barangay' and is headed by a 'Datu' or a 'Rajah'. Both systems provide clean and renewable energy. [8] The province has four trade centers in the cities of Ilagan, Cauayan, Santiago and the municipality of Roxas. Isabella was raised by her mother until 1457, when the two children were brought to court by Henry to keep them from being used by opposition nobles. The Municipality of Isabela was reorganized, which is an aggrupation of the former Basilan City and the municipalities of Isabela and Malamawi.[6]. It was only in the 2004 elections that the family's control of the gubernatorial seat ended when Grace Padaca won over Faustino Dy Jr. She was the first woman to serve as the governor of the province. The use of biomass as fuel makes the power plant carbon neutral and sustainable. The plan is to improve an old logging road used by a defunct logging company until the 1990s. The festivity showcases the, A yearly celebration of Pagay Festival (Palay Festival) held every July 4. Brgy Sunrise, Isabela City, Basilan Province, Telephone: Heading the list are Isabela's top investors, namely: Mindanao Grains Processing Company, Inc., SN Aboitiz Power- Magat Inc., Universal Leaf Philippines, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, Inc., San Miguel Corporation, RC Cola and Pepsi Cola.

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