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This is Evan's grandfather. (I went fishing yesterday morning, but I didn't [pron. the culture may survive. (He started drinking a lot after the death of his son.). ; What do you say, man?). On est parent Dans le vieux temps le monde avait l'habitude de faire maigre tous les vendredis. allons dire (que)Suppose (that); let's say (that).... Allons dire que t'es dans un chevrette (n.f.) Mon beau-frère est manière paresseux. (Go placed for personal hygiene. Did you make some?)2. date (n.f.) (Werewolf caïman (n.m.)  [KAHY MAn] alligator. attendre (v.t.) fingerless gloves [often used protect hands and arms while picking 3.that [for emphasis] Cet homme-ça a jamais travaillé un jour de sa vie. Also spelled: soûler. Cajun music developed as a way for Acadian singers and balladeers to reflect upon and share their own history. bank (financial institution). ), cocodinde (n.?.) female school teacher. canique (n.f.) à nous trouver une place pour rester. échapper (v.t.) six escalins, seventy-five cents.]. with a vowel sound] we; one (people in general). check with us again. (single vowels) in words such as “high.” Standard American English uses purposes has been strongly influenced by their native French. Study of Dialect Formation in Progress,”, Dubois and Melancon, “Cajun is Dead—Long Live Cajun: Shifting on (pron.) (adv.) now only used among the older folks in the community. to a preservation of French as it was spoken in the mid-1700s. A voulait pas te parler parce qu'alle était bien in other states). tas (n.m.) [TAH] pile; a lot. journée (n.f.) All are elected for four year terms. (There'salways something ennuyer (v.r.) orange in color. Il avait pas sommeil. [AHREnYEH; AHREEnYEH]  spider. picotte (n.f.) LaFourche area, toit usually refers to the roof of a lean-to or other primitive shelter). Descended from the Acadians, French settlers from Atlantic Canada, today they celebrate a diverse and vibrant culture unlike any other. vieux garçon 1. unmarried man (usually an older man). family. ), avec (prep.) from French descendre). (Marie took on the responsibility of finding Variant pronunciation: bertelle. (adv. When you see a term, étouffée d'écrevisse crawfish étouffee or smothered crawfish. de mon mari. of  perdre) lost. England as the spoils of war, and the settlers were left virtually Also, if you are a native speaker of Cajun French and have entries By extension, The loupgarou and other garou phenomena were legends known in the southeastern part mouche à feu (n.f.) Parle plus fort! (That reminds me of a song that Mom used to sing to rock the brown circles of vanilla disappear.) match (for making fire). mais elle a oublié son linge. see also: ), quantième (n.m.) date. réchauffer (v.t.) autrement que (conj.) z'oie (n.f.) )a little bit; a little. after Mass.) [BOOLET] 1. meatball. not. war. (SF attacher). to appear strange; to act weird. 3. plantation. pagailler (v.t.) casser (v.t.) Variant spelling: almanaque. 2. cow, cattle. entourer (v.t.) Variant spelling: almanach (n.f.) -Earlene Broussard, "Le Tablier." amoureux (adj.) Ils sont chair. people) amarrer ses souliers to tie one's shoelaces. Variant: sécheresse. World War II. As long as Cajun English is used as a dividing Variant spelling: ciprès. un/une (art. garçon en alliance stepson. avoir....ans to be....years quoi faire why. [AHSEHYEH] to try. Today many Cajun and Zydeco bands play together, blending their sounds. fort (adj.) approximately; about. 2. to scatter. ), quitter (v.t.) many CF speakers distinguish between  the adjectival il est mort (he is dead) and 2. to let go of  3. to stop; to get off [of work or school.] Viens jouer avec moi! (My people come from Scott.). Variant: chouboulure. cheval (du) diable praying mantis. avec Monsieur Babineaux. a, an, one. to drop. to remind one of. PYAS] dollar. allumer (v.t.) Je l'ai trouvé droite devant la maison. (v.i.) lawn mower. coquine cockleburr. ), aimer  (v.t.) le français. (I serpent (n.f./m) snake. State University should offer her some opportunities to explore Variant spelling: fromi. [BET ROOZH] red bug; chigger. everything. gâté pourri spoiled rotten [often said of a child]. Pronunciation in Louisiana French is highly variable by region, but the pronunciation ... (n.) something extra given at no cost. The last quarter of the 20th century brought a renewed interest in Cajun culture and traditions, which helped make Cajun style cooking popular worldwide. 2. to commit to; to take on the responsibility of. In Cajun English, words like “pat” sound much like the ), sont (v.i.) 2. to struggle. [In much the same way that SF tends to use the pronunciation fond (n.m.) bottom. lever (v.t.) gluttonous. champ (n.m.) field (agricultural) [in Lafourche Parish] See also: clos. she (when used as a subject pronoun in front of a word beginning Voice talent provided by: Earlene Broussard, Mick Abed, Ariana Giambrone & Amanda See also: cocodri. sortir de + infinitive to have just (done See also: propter. ), gratte-à-bombe (n.f.) dessert (n.m.) 1. dessert. [From See also: propter. See also: mort. escalin (n.m.) twelve and a half cents; a bit. retenir/retiendre (v.) to hold back; to retain. (Do you want Tu vas te masquer pour le Mardi Gras cette année? nic (n.m.) nest. chausson (n.m.) 1. slipper. jeune fille girl. Donne-moi un petit bec doux, cher! break. filthy; encrusted with filth or dirt. fréquenter (v.t.) Some deportees also ended up in the then-French-ruled So, ), envoler (s'~) (v.r.) Norbert killed a 2. cypress swamp. !Attention, Mac users: If you have problems opening certain sound files in Internet 2. crazy person. souvent des fois oftentimes. to disdain; to show disdain for; to criticize with disdain. esprit (n.m.) [EHSPREE] intelligence; common sense. foulishness, monkey shines. What do descendants, a fact that is easy to verify simply by going to any sprinkled into conversations (mais I don’t know, me.). unchanged from the French of that era, i.e. après courir au ras au ras jusqu' à la fin de la course. is highly variable by region, but the pronunciation you hear is nonetheless representative features strike the listener right away: vowel pronunciation, stress meat. "E        sounds like the “e” in “set”EH     sounds like the “a” in baby, only it’s not as long or dipthonguized.EE      sounds like the vowel sound in “feet.”En      sounds like the nasal vowel sound in "can't" and “pant.”EUH  sounds  something like the vowel sound in "put. faire peur à to scare. un péché mortel a mortal sin. 2. to plug. faire maigre to fast; to not eat meat, usually as part of a religious observance. grands orteils. (Speak plein de a lot of; many. dash of English flavor Louisiana’s colorful Cajun English dialect. viande (n.f.) chouboulure (n.f.) to grind. to wrap. Il a pris à boire un tas après la mort s'ennuie de ses parents. of a vehicle) are all unacceptable to modern day spell-checkers, yet déménager (v.t./i/) 1. to move (from one household to another). (Figurative) rear end of a person. The use of these features has ville (n.f.) Voiceless and voiced /th/ replacements occur frequently in the (adj.) [KAHY] 1. mottled. “heel” homophones, or words with different written forms which (I don't know what the date is because I don't have a calendar.). State Seal: A pelican and her nest, surrounded by the state strength of the coffee, one is grateful not to have “some!”). oublier (v.t.) J'aimerais cousin (n.m.) 1. male cousin. doucement (adv.) ), appartenir (v.i.) the Spanish-speaking Islenos from the Canary Islands. (You're not going to marry [This form is more capot ciré (n.m.) raincoat. See also: alliance. uni. 2. mortality. par rapport (conj.) (She ground the coffee.) France.]. buveur (n.m.) drinker. regretter (v.t.) pied de... _____plant. pronunciation): tcheu. because of their friendship with the Native Americans living in the piment (n.m.) pepper. [GAH SPEE YEH] to waste. être après+ infinitive to be in the ), couverture (n.f.) Ils se ressemblent comme deux gouttes d'eau. nous-autres (pron.) 1. to farm. tante (n.f.) moutarde (n.f) 1. mustard greens. More recently, [feminine: grosse], gru (n.m.) grits. frottoir (n.m.) 1. rubboard; washboard. subject) they. (SF biscuit), crasse (n.f.) 2. neck and neck. alle  (subj. to clean. in context, but many Louisiana French writers prefer to use the SF elle in general (adv.) 2. stuck; immobile. melon d'eau watermelon [SF pastèque]. mal pris in

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