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Cover the plant with paper bag overnight and test for the presence of starch. 2.3 Distinguis h between direct and circumstan tial evidence. These insects, which had bitten dinosaurs, were caught in tree sap that fossilized into amber. Obj. The laboratory results are sent to the lead detective. Recall that after 12 hours, the body loses heat at a rate of 0.39°C per hour. “Pure” honey is honey that has had nothing added to it to adulterate it. The detective looks at the evidence and attempts to determine how it fits into the overall crime scenario. For to cite your resources. The plain arch has no characteristics of the loop pattern. Several different methods can be utilized to measure the size of an individual pollen grain. The facial landmarks are measured and overlaid on a photograph of the skull for comparison. There are 12 molars that are even flatter and wider and are involved in chewing and grinding. DNA is treated to separate the double helix into two single strands. ©Hans van den Nieuwendijk Arches 5% A symptom of two rare genetic conditions is the lack of fingerprints. 5. Ending ridge ©Cengage Learning Doris 4. Human hair grows at a rate of about 1.3 cm per month (approximately 0.44 mm per day). At a later time, a neater (or computer-generated) sketch is completed. The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit had profiled Bundy as a very neat, organized, serial killer. Present your findings in a written report that will be submitted to the jury before your testimony at the trial. In the upper left-hand corner, label one as upper and the other as lower. Elmer McCurdy (1911) Train robber Elmer McCurdy was cornered in a hayloft and killed by gunshot. To measure your shoe size, stand next to a 12-inch ruler. • Male and female skeletons differ in many ways, including roughness and thickness of bones, size and shape of frontal bone in the skull and the shape of the eye cavity, the angle of the pelvis, and the presence or absence of childbirth scars. Using a pen or pencil, circle or mark the unique patterns on each casing. In this case, we will label only those fragments of DNA that contain the sequences. Obj. 1.2 and 1.3 Multiple Choice 6. This is the angle of the incoming beam of light and is equal to 30°. 6 7 8 9 OTHER ORGANIC TOXINS 10 11 Figure 9-4. Multiply by 100 to convert the decimal to a percentage. Viewing photographs of the tools and tool mark impressions limits the analysis. 6. Spur or hook 6. 5. Continue in this manner until you have visited all seven stations. Time Required to Complete Activity: Time required to complete this activity will vary depending on if students are expected to complete parts of the research and planning outside of class time. Parchment made from split sheepskin is often of a uniform thickness, quite white in color, with a hard and sometimes slightly shiny surface and no obvious grain pattern. • Pollen is examined microscopically and compared with reference collections to identify, if possible, the exact species that produced it. Refraction is the change in the direction of light as it speeds up or slows down when moving from one medium into another. At the bottom of the screen, double-click on the second module entitled “Recovering the Romanovs.” 5. The suspect claims he was being attacked and shot the victim in self-defense. Circle the statement under the “points” column that best describes the debater’s performance. Five were identified as females and four as males. His body was embalmed with arsenic by the undertaker but remained unclaimed.

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