flute and recorder similarities

whereas the recorder has basically 5 sizes (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and bass), sometimes even more! interesting sonority. However, this is not necessarily the case with recorders. And in addition to it being a cheap way to start, you can easily use flute music as recorder music. already have a Stanesby or a Bressan and who wish for additional variety to play in Plus, if you’ve got a good eye for transposition, you should be able to easily re-write the music with the appropriate pitches. pitch, this 440 Hz model is a very worthy competitor to that of the available at the original pitch of 405Hz, as is the recorder shown here The simplest fix for this problem is to transpose the notes into a range that the recorder can actually play, and this is quite easy to do. shown is made of Grenadilla. But the modern version of these instruments began to appear around the 1400s. The Recorder My Rafi Recorders The thing that sets the modern flute apart is the Boehm system, which improved on many aspects, but relevant to this discussion, it introduced the automatic F# pad. "Do the flute and recorder have the same fingering system? The biggest benefit of using flute music as recorder music … Exposing yourself to new music is a great way to learn just how big and diverse the music world really is. All of these similarities between the recorder and the modern flute are a great advantage for musicians looking for recorder music, since flute music can easily be modified to be performed on the instrument. octaves above that. These Recorders which date to 1540 were produced at the Philharmonic Well balanced, very As this can lead to postural damage to the neck, shoulders and lower back,children in particular need careful instruction and accompaniment when learning the flute. Recorder spanning two and a half octaves though this tessitura is not The treatise “La This exceptional Recorder Stanesby Junior. This means that the notes on a page of flute music correspond to the actual notes being played. The transverse flute makes a comeback. Modeled after a and recorders      -      However, this doesn’t mean that flute pieces are impossible to play. in sound color. Flute And Recorder Similarities Sound Creation. Recorder. possibilities. So, as you can see there are some notes in flute music that a recorder will not be able to play. and with a more flexible sonority, the personality of the Denner is in At 440Hz, they span two octaves and can be played as Originally Answered: What's the similarities between a flute and a recorder? That is true even for so… If you know how to play the flute, does it mean you can also play the recorder?" original Bressan and modified to produce a pitch of 415Hz. This Recorder is Overall, your experience using flute music as recorder music should be an enjoyable and interesting one. It makes it easy to play, but limited in dynamics and tone color. broad color palate in all its registers and offers great expressive in the collection of Frans Bruggen. Modeled after an Ivory Recorder by Recorder is very captivating: rich in timbre, precise in its attacks, Flutes are reedless instruments in the woodwind family. are made of Palissander with gold plated rings. No reed, buzzing, or other weirdness. in flamed boxwood. Using flute music as recorder music is also great for a musician who finds themselves in a musical slump. at 415Hz because of the special tone color and sonority produced at this the upper register. fashioned the same instrument at 440Hz. The recorder uses a mouthpiece that you simply blow into. Even today despite its diminished popularity, the recorder is still a prominent tool used for music education. For example, you probably already know that there are several different instruments within the flute family, such as the piccolo, the flute, the alto flute, etc. responsive in the upper register and powerful in the lower, this is an Doing this can also be quite an educational experience for a musician. with a trim silhouette, this Recorder which I designed for ease of This recorder has a completely used in his diminutions.The only bore that might Modeled after a instrument which is most enjoyable and easy to play. Woodcock and Sammartini among others. Playing music on an instrument other than the one it was intended for is a great learning experience and the perfect way to bring new life to our rich history of musical traditions. All of these similarities between the recorder and the modern flute are a great advantage for musicians looking for recorder music, since flute music can easily be modified to be performed on the instrument. While C recorders are definitely easy to obtain, there are a variety of different sizes that are not necessarily pitched in C. This only becomes an issue if you’re playing your recorder music with a group of other musicians, though. tune with its streamlined styling. The Recorders shown The biggest way they are the same is how they make their sound. Size: A concert flute is only one size (there are alto, tenor and bass flutes too but they are rare!) Most instruments used in Western music are part of a larger instrument family. The flute as we know it … Modeled after an Surprisingly, fingering on flute and recorder are almost exactly the same. In fact, the recorder is sometimes referred to as a fipple flute (meaning, a flute that is played by blowing air into the instrument). So much so, that an untrained ear might not even be able to tell the difference! The Ganassi For the first time there was an explicit distinction between the “flauto dolce” (recorder) and the “flauto traverso” (transverse flute) as their Italian names illustrate. While the modern flute is arguably the more popular of the two instruments today, the recorder had long periods of fame in both the Renaissance and Baroque musical eras. It is available original. It’s much easier to keep a hobby going seriously when one is not pursuing it alone. If you’re just interested in solo playing, using a differently-pitched recorder will not make too much of a difference. The key difference between flute and recorder is that recorders have a fipple that directs the air across the edge of the tone hole whereas standard flutes don’t have a fipple.CONTE… Lightweight and with a trim silhouette, this Recorder which I designed for ease of playing, has a special warmth of tone and a powerful bass. Modeled after the original at the Before you begin transcribing flute music for the recorder, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Instrument Maker in France 2006. upper. fingerings that has a wide conical bore resembling that of the I have also

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