how to tell if mozzarella cheese is bad

Its date is usually about three to four weeks from the manufacture date, so the storage time is shorter than one of blue cheese or Brie. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in 2002 and has worked in travel as a guide, corporate senior marketing and product manager and travel consultant/expert. What about mozzarella that has started to harden or turn dry? It was just kind of weird. Taste the cheese, then discard it if it tastes bad. For me, the approach that makes the most sense is to try to replicate the liquid that your cheese came in. There are other tell-tale signs that mozzarella cheese has gone bad. That’s pretty self-explanatory – if you see mold, you throw out the mozzarella. the cheese was fine. ( Log Out /  Many times, you will have to use a combination of these three… Submerge the mozzarella in the brine or water, seal the container, and put it into the fridge. The best-before date only tells you how long the mozzarella can maintain its freshness and optimum quality. The use-by date is not an indication of safety and properly stored mozzarella often keeps beyond the date. ? mozzarella tastes different from other cheeses anyways. Mayo Clinic: If a Piece of Cheese Has Mold on It, Should I Throw the Cheese Away? Smell the mozzarella to determine if it is spoiled. Copyright © 2020 Can It Go Bad? However, it tells you how long the cheese is expected to maintain optimum quality and freshness. Robert Morello has an extensive travel, marketing and business background. I know you’re probably cringing at the thought. Brined varieties may have a musty, sour, or smelly-foot odor or an excessively cloudy brine. The bacteria and mold that forms on soft cheeses like mozzarella may or may not be toxic to humans, so its better to be safe and avoid any possible problems. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Taste your mozzarella if it passes the sight and smell tests and you are still uncertain about its state of edibility. When checking if your mozzarella block is still okay to eat, do the following: Besides that, the leftover stick can dry out and harden over time, as Gouda or Edam cheeses do. Soft cheeses contain more protein than hard cheeses, so they tend to spoil more quickly. A plastic bag can work too; just remember to remove all the air before sealing it. There are two options to choose from, and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. How do you think about the answers? All you need to do is strain the liquid the cheese comes in, and wrap the piece tightly with plastic wrap. Eating spoiled cheese can be hazardous to your health. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Once you open the package, the stick keeps quality for up to two, maybe three weeks. Fresh mozzarella has a light, mild scent. If those two to three weeks of storage time aren’t enough for you, consider grating the leftovers and freezing them. Fresh mozzarella lasts for up to a week past the date on the label. ( Log Out /  I am afraid I am cooking it with the bird. Define go bad……. If you go with plastic wrap (or bag), the cheese will retain quality for only a couple of days. As I mentioned, the way you store the cheese plays a role too. If you’re like me and don’t like using plastic wrap, use a reusable freezer bag instead. Knowing when you cheese has reached the end of its life is sometimes trickier than it seems. If you have a bunch of small mozzarella balls, it’s better to go with submerging the cheese in liquid. If the cheese is hard. I’m going to toss the pepper jack, and I already took some digestive enzymes with pre and probiotics to hopefully counteract anything . You can store fresh mozzarella in the liquid it comes in, make brine yourself, of wrap it in plastic wrap. Store the cheese away from meat to prevent possible contamination. Each cheese ages differently and therefore spoils differently. Real mozzarella has 2 states of “going bad" The good stuff comes in a liquidity vacuum sealed bag. That’s the easy part. You can also rely on your sense of sight. I baked it and it took forever for the cheese to brown. Where is the Butterball gravy packet??! The cheddar was delicious, but the pepper jack smelled and tasted like wine. How To Tell If Mozzarella Loaf Is Bad? Mold isn’t the only appearance indicator. Rely on your eyes, sense of smell and taste buds to determine if your mozzarella has gone bad. At this point, it’s all about the quality. Most cheese mold is green or blue in color and will be clearly visible to the naked eye against the off-white color of the cheese. Look for traces of mold on the cheese. The taste is ok and there is no visible fungus or anything else . Change the liquid every two days. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! To do so, you can either review the ingredients list on the label or taste the liquid. They are a good source of Biotin and Ribbon. Many times, you will have to use a combination of these three to determine if your cheese is done. Got a couple of mozzarella balls left over, and want to know how and how long you can keep them? The smell is one good indicator. Clemson Cooperative Extension: Handling of Cheese for Safety and Quality, The Cheesemonger's Top Ten Rules for Ultimate Cheese Sanity, Oregon State University Extension: Storing Food for Safety and Quality. Appearance – If you are unfamiliar with cheese, you may get worried at the first site of small amounts of surface mold and feel the need to discard your cheese. The smell is one good indicator. ( Log Out /  You can also rely on your sense of sight. Everyone knows “mozzarella,” the melted, stringy cheese on pizza or lasagna. If the cheese is unopened, it should keep for at least a couple of days (maybe up to a week) past that date. Pre-grated mozzarella can also exhibit visible mold as well as a sour or yeasty smell. Below, I do my best to answer all of them concisely. That holds even if it seems perfectly fine on the outside. It doesn't smell bad or taste bad but I don't know is there a sign to look for in bad Mozzarella cheese? Dyer began her writing career as a staff writer at a community newspaper and is now a full-time commercial writer. Knowing when you cheese has reached the end of its life is sometimes trickier than it seems. Sure, feta cheese has some brine in the package, but that’s not quite the same. Or you’ve bought a mozzarella loaf (or stick), and you’re wondering how its storage time compares to hard cheeses. If you see a bit of surface mold, cut around a quarter inch off the side of the cheese with the mold. A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv. Sadly cheese doesn’t live forever and most times you’ll have to use two or all three of these to determine if your cheese has gone bad. That results in a slight change of taste. The Cheese Question the Experts Can’t Agree On |, Mozzarella cheese (opened, in plastic wrap), Mozzarella cheese (opened, in water or brine). Feel free to look inside, though. mozzarella tastes different from other cheeses anyways. Mold growing on hard, low-moisture cheeses, such as cheddar, Parmesan and Swiss, can be safely trimmed. There are 3 main attributes you want to look for when determining if your cheese has gone bad–smell,  appearance, and taste. You should replace that liquid regularly. I made some lasagna and used tons of mozzarella cheese the expiration wasn't until march of this up coming year. Do you use a receipe when making corn bread or do you wing it ? If your unopened bag of mozzarella is bloated, it’s fairly sure the cheese is done for. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. If mozzarella has an off smell, or if it smells like sour milk, it's a sign that the cheese has gone bad. You may inhale the spores. Store mozzarella loaf wrapped properly, so it doesn’t dry out too quickly. But that rubbery, supermarket variety is light years from its source in the marshy countryside between Rome and Naples. So no need to worry: drink some tea and check your status later. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, food safety specialists at Clemson University Extension warn that bacteria may permeate beneath the surface of mozzarella and other semi-soft, higher-moisture cheeses. How Can I Tell If Ricotta Cheese Has Gone Bad? The sour and stale smell gave it away, though.

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