potassium bromate side effects

Ears require a balance of potassium and sodium, two minerals that are helpful for promoting proper hearing. Yes, the drug called 'bromide' (potassium bromide) was indeed used by doctors many years ago - and it is said that this may have been more common in the services. 9 Upon entering the body, potassium bromate can be transformed into molecules called oxides and radicals. 0000005513 00000 n 0000002738 00000 n Blood pressure drugs have affected my sex drive. startxref In reality, I don't think that he could have been given bromide unless the Navy doctors used it when they circumcised him. 0000034450 00000 n This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. How to manage erections after a circumcision, NetDoctor, part of the Hearst UK wellbeing network. Potassium bromate is produced when bromine is passed through a hot solution of potassium hydroxide. 0000002263 00000 n 0 If repeatedly ingested, depression may result in a gross lack of muscle control, psychoses, memory loss, irritability, and headache. 0000003658 00000 n Yes, the drug called 'bromide' (potassium bromide) was indeed used by doctors many years ago ... Side effects of premature ejaculation drugs. 0000006228 00000 n When tested on animals, potassium bromate created chemical imbalances within the inner ear. C&L Inventory . 0000001587 00000 n 0000010031 00000 n 2. I believe that it was mainly used to 'calm down' men who had just had operations on the penis – and who would therefore have experienced some minor pain if they got an erection. Other Long-Term Effects * Potassium Bromate can irritate the lungs. It claims that potassium bromate gets converted into potassium bromide, a similar yet non-carcinogenic chemical, during the … %%EOF Did a sexual assault cause my girlfriend’s problems with intimacy? General. 0000004706 00000 n ... potassium;bromate . 0000003224 00000 n We have no sex because of her depression. 0000001191 00000 n 0000052084 00000 n 10 These highly reactive molecules can damage DNA and may play a role in the development of cancer. 29 0 obj<> endobj Netdoctor participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. In addition to potential effects on the thyroid, potassium bromate is a category 2B carcinogen, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer 4.Class 2B means that it has caused cancer in laboratory animals, but that there is only limited evidence of its potential to cause cancer in people. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. I don't know how old your partner is, but I have not heard of anyone prescribing bromide during the last 40 years! 0000000913 00000 n If you prefer healthy kidneys, avoid bromine! 32 0 obj<>stream To no one surprise, the food industry says that potassium bromate is perfectly safe. 0000001778 00000 n The main components of wheat bread which influence the quality of bread are (i) carbohydrates, including starch, hemicelluloses, free sugar and glucofructan (Bushuk & Hlynka, 1964), (ii) Proteins and (iii) smaller amount of fat/lipid. 0000007000 00000 n This first forms unstable potassium hypobromite, which quickly disproportionates into bromide and bromate: 3BrO − (aq) → 2Br − (aq) + BrO − 3 (aq) Electrolysis of potassium bromide solutions will also give bromate. – Potassium bromate also has the potential to disrupt the genetic material within cells. 0000008486 00000 n We have no sex because of her depression. U_��M�,�%H�����yNQ�C��k��� \a��V�%�D��R�9*:�o �*�����w����a_�-!���k�eH ۿ�J�ٸ��3� Mz+T{��G�.�����;�W^;|�CqQ����@�L�@�k�"�=�u�O�� �Z0��j*�d����hN?3Ԝ0�* �� /̖A�f�* 0000004186 00000 n

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