propylene carbonate viscosity

© 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. The concn. was described by the Angell and Bachinskii equations. Finally, the Walden product showed significant dependence of the conductivity on the viscosity of the medium. The isobaric expansivities and excess properties have been evaluated. and temp. a,η Their corresponding coefficients were positive but the excess volume had both negative and positive values. Particle size distribution (Granulometry), Solubility in organic solvents / fat solubility, Stability in organic solvents and identity of relevant degradation products, Storage stability and reactivity towards container material, Biodegradation in water and sediment: simulation tests, Additional information on environmental fate and behaviour, Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates, Long-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates, Toxicity to aquatic algae and cyanobacteria, Toxicity to aquatic plants other than algae, Endocrine disrupter testing in aquatic vertebrates – in vivo, Toxicity to soil macroorganisms except arthropods, Endocrine disrupter mammalian screening – in vivo (level 3), Direct observations: clinical cases, poisoning incidents and other, Exposure related observations in humans: other data, Additional physico-chemical properties of nanomaterials, Toxicokinetics, metabolism and distribution. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication. J. Phys. Information on Registered Substances comes from registration dossiers which have been assigned a registration number. carbonate were estimated using the approach suggested by Eyring and Andrade. concentration of the electrolyte and temperature increased. The results were fitted by Redlich–Kister equation. Welcome to the ECHA website. Predict Chemical & Physical Properties This chapter provides viscosity of the binary liquid mixture of dimethyl carbonate and hexan-2-ol at various temperature and concentrations. The viscosity parameter was found to be temperature-dependant and followed the Arrhenius law. The temperature dependence of both the viscosity and conductivity of each mixture exhibits a non-Arrhenius behaviour, but is correctly fitted by using the Vogel–Tamman–Fulcher (VTF) equation. quantities obtained from such an anal. The source is also providing more information like the publication year, authors and more. A 83 (2009) 2069. concentration of the electrolyte and temperature increased. Close Find out more on how we use cookies. Use of the information without obtaining the permission from the owner(s) of the respective information might violate the rights of the owner. The activation energy of viscous flow in solutions This information has not been reviewed or verified by the Agency or any other authority. tetrafluoroborate in propylene carbonate was found to be insignificant. Propylene carbonate (PC) has also been used as a solvent/co-solvent to prepare electrolyte solutions for these energy storage devices. This chapter provides viscosity of the binary liquid mixture of dimethyl carbonate and N,N-dimethylacetamide at various temperature and concentrations. Chem. dependences of the viscosity (η) of propylene carbonate (PC)/dimethoxyethane (DME) mixts. [on SciFinder(R)], Viscosity and Density of Solutions of Tetraethylammonium Tetrafluoroborate in Propylene Carbonate at Different Temperatures, The influence of temperature and concentration on viscous flow of solutions of Et 4 NBF 4 in propylene carbonate, Densities and viscosities of propylene carbonate with aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, 1,4-dimethylbenzene and ethylbenzene) at 288.15, 298.15 and 308.15 K, Density, conductivity, viscosity, and excess properties of (pyrrolidinium nitrate-based Protic Ionic Liquid + propylene carbonate) binary mixture, Effect of Temperature and Composition on the Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Mixtures of Ionic Liquid N-Butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bis(Trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide and Propylene Carbonate, Viscosity Behavior of Some Oxygen Containing Compounds, Viscosity of the binary liquid mixture of dimethyl carbonate and N,N-dimethylacetamide, Viscosity of the binary liquid mixture of dimethyl carbonate and hexan-2-ol, Viscosity of the binary liquid mixture of dimethyl carbonate and propan-2-ol. Predict properties.

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