quotes from the night she disappeared

With its great reviews and mysterious synopsis, I couldn't wait to dive in. - Mystery Scene "The Night She Disappeared is a genuine thriller that races along from first page to last. Kayla has come to the point where she doesnt even feel alive anymore. Kayla wanted to work the night, so she can have Friday off. The "I wake up atleast i think I'm awake." Nobody knew what was she going to do on Friday night. "As it races to its suspenseful ending,The Night overtakes the evil with good, the fear with strength, the helplessness with hope." 1 quote from The Night I Disappeared: ‘You're like a tour guide for reality.’ I was a little fooled when I got about halfway and realized that this wasn't a mystery as I thought it would be, but instead a suspenseful thriller. The Day It Happened Drew took the order, he believes that it was his fault, that she disappeared, the night she disappeared was the night that Gabie was working. The Night She Disappeared popped up one day as I was scrolling through mysteries and I knew I had to give it a go. Tightly plotted and neatly told."

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