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PG81s are not terrible at all. I love me some SM81s, though. They are very tinny. Cardioid Condenser Microphone ・On/off switch for onstage control. Shure sent Mix a pair of PGA181s so we could put them through their paces. We decided that we're going to try for either the SM94s or the KSM109s. Overall. At the moment we use some gooseneck Shure condensers that have awful gain-to-feedback. PG81 microphone pdf manual download. Hopefully our purchase order goes through. With rugged durability and excellent sound, this versatile microphone comes with an on/off switch, swivel adapter, carrying Add to cart. Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone. Use only one microphone to pick up a single sound source. I picked up a pair of PG81's for $10. However, the fact that a stereo pair will cost about $700 new is a bit of a deterrent. It has a cardioid polar … Track 7 PG81 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone is a professional quality flat-response microphone designed to be used in sensitive acoustic instrument applications. Ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording, the PGA81 comes with a swivel adapter, carrying pouch and XLR cable. They can be very brittle up high and are extremely touchy, but properly set up, they can do a good job with acoustic instruments at a medium distance. I recently used SM94s on a session for OH and they sounded a LOT better. Would it be a good analog to the SM81? PG81 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone is a professional quality flat-response microphone designed to be used in sensitive acoustic instrument applications. The Shure PG 81 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone suitable for use both in the recording and on the stage. I don't know who told you that the pg's are just slightly less durable but very similar sounding because that's not true at all. A side-address, cardioid condenser microphone, the PGA181 ($99) was designed for use on acoustic instruments and vocals, as well as amplified instruments. View and Download Shure PG81 product specifications online. Available with and without a cable. Editor’s Note: The original article was published in June 2020 and will be continually updated as … Ease of Use. Place microphones as … (COVID19 Update) July 11, 2020 by Ben Koshick. Keep the distance between microphones at least three times the distance from each microphone to its source (“three to one rule”). I have seen them used a ton on HH, but thats it. I'm thinking something from Shure's SDC line, and these really appealed to me. Alright, I'm in the process of searching for some new choral mics to do live and recording of a 12-15 member male choir. Definitely more natural. With rugged durability and excellent sound, this versatile microphone comes with an on/off switch, swivel adapter, carrying pouch and choice of with XLR cable, or without. The PGA81 cardioid condenser instrument microphone is a professional quality flat-response microphone featuring highly durable design and construction that delivers excellent sound. Quality. I've read that it's just slightly less durable and a whole lot cheaper, but otherwise sounds very similar. So, I was wondering how much different the PG81 is? Ben Jones 11,586 views At the checkout and forward, the price will be displayed in Japanese yen (JPY, ¥). That said, they are grainier and not as "pingy" as SM81s. pg 81 aint in the same league as sm81 even though they hint the same last number. enlarge Shure PG81 Performance Gear Instrument Microphone . Shure PG81. If you're looking to save some money over the sm81's then you should seriously consider the ksm109's. The price is shown using a currency converter. I've used them for a while and they are very natural sounding mics and yet much much nicer than the pg81's. I did not expect a thing from them at all. Features. Along with the other good Shure mic recommendations, you might want to look into the Oktava MC-012s.. a matched pair of these can often be had for $400 or less. The KSM series is definitely not any less durable than the SM94/SM81. User Ratings. Value. I've been doing research, and I'm thinking that maybe the SM81 would be a good fit for what we're doing. The PGA81 is ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording. The PG81 is the cheapest condenser mic I would recommend, but it does a pretty decent job for its price class. ¥12,000 JPY ¥12,000 JPY; Consumption tax and shipping chargesis calculated at checkout. Set up an Appointment! Thanks for the help guys. If you absolutely have to go with a cheap option then you should take a look at some of the mxl mics. Overhead Microphone Shootout (Neewer, AKG P120, Audix ADX51, Sennheiser e614, Shure SM81, AKG C414) - Duration: 5:00. I am not sure if I would want to use them for choral work though. Unlike most condenser microphones, it is designed for use on the stage and will excel in this situation over the studio. I am suprised no one uses them. Shure PG81 (USED) SHURE. Sound. For better gain before feedback, use fewer microphones. The Cardioid pattern of the PG81 microphone ensures that only sound from the front of the microphone is recorded, which means that it will not record external noise or the sound from the instruments other than the one you are recording from. I am seriously shocked at how useable they are on acoustic guitars/ mandolins (using a great preamp) My other go to SD mics are MK012, and these hang right with them. They sound pretty much in line with how much they cost. This makes the PG81 microphone a great choice to record drum cymbals, acoustic guitar, and vocals. Why not get those because they are the same price on musiciansfriend?? Very good bang for the buck mics. Yeah, I considered the KSM series, but will likely try and push for either the SM94 or the SM81. Blog. I've used them successfully above pairs of violins, and on woodwinds. Get Shure quality and durability for an affordable price with the PG81, which is ideal for acoustic instruments. I really dislike the PG81s. Rating and Reviews: Shure PG81 Microphone.

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