smith cutting torch vs victor

summer is here, plant a tree. } I am a fan of the Victor equipment and have used it for 30+ years. Apply leak detectors to find any leakage on time. I can't comment on the newer Harris gear, the old stuff I have is pretty good, or it wouldn't still be working 30+ years later. Spark your imagination and bring your next project to life with welding tips from the experts and more! "@type": "Answer", The particles from molten metals can cause cataracts, resulting in impaired vision and irritability. Point taken. VICTOR. Victor cutting torches are widely used in the automotive as well as construction industries. The outlet connections are 9/16 In. Genuine Victor Torch Kit Cutting Set, CA411-3, WH411C, 0-3-101 Tip, 20’ Hose, 02. How to rebuild a victor cutting torch? The regulator will be installed with a new inlet connection. The handle size is big and provides a very comfortable grip for users. It is a medium-duty system made up of alloy. Smith also offers a lifetime warranty for its torches while Victor gives lifetime warranty on its EDGE series regulators. It was made in Minneapolis Minn. One thing I have noticed is the control knobs. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. If I purchase again it will be a Smith for sure. As far as regulators go, I use only Airco 2 stage, even inert gas. The spare parts of the Victor torches like the tips and nozzles, are readily available in lower prices and are easy to replace as compared to Smith torch kits. If this is your first visit, be sure to Then turn the Acetylene valve up to 1/6- 1/5 turn. "@type": "Answer", "acceptedAnswer": { It reaches difficult angles because of its long handle. Gary, IMO, the Smith torches are currently the best out there. In today's world, I like the technology of the Smith rigs the best. Smith Cutting Torches, Cutting Attachments & Torch Handles Smith® Equipment offers a full line of high quality oxy fuel cutting and welding equipment. Though Smith torches can be purchased online from anywhere but their service remains a problem. You may find victor cutting torch tips numbers written as 3-1-101 or 2-1-330. © 2020 Copyright This is a heavy duty cutter and can be used for thicker metal width. This torch doesn’t support medium tips. Suitable for industrial applications, this torch assembly supports medium to heavy-duty cutting operations. Victor Technologies 0384-2540 Medalist 250 System Medium Duty Cutting System, 06. Acetylene is highly volatile under pressure. You can cut into any steel efficiently up to 5”with this torch. ", According to price and functionality, we can select Victor Technologies Medium Duty Cutting Torches. The cutting head just seems to work better than the victor, and its anice light handle for actually gas welding. I just purchased one from HF today (Manager's Special), and it came with three welding tips, rosebud, and cutting tip...(regulators, hose, etc. I prefer Harris which is what I have owned for 20+ years, however of the ones you list my vote would go to the Victor model. Oxygen Regulator: Well, this cutting torch has an oxygen regulator. Some are China and Taiwan made. Learn more about us. "@type": "Answer", This kit comes with a 0 size tip for cutting ½ inch steel width. You will be sorry when you can't find tips anywhere. } Copyright © 2020 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Welding capacity of the torch is 1/8” (3.2 mm) and 3” (76.2 mm) depending on the selected nozzle. I have used many name brands, and have no complaints with victor harris,but when it was time to go in business for myself, I went with Smith, now I have five Smith torches in total. smith is made in USA, has a better warranty, and the harris is notoriuos for the bad seating design, on the tips, have to crank it down a lil more for proper seating of the tip, most of the harris is imported now, like the victor, meadalist is now gone to the cutskill, straight import, smith has the lifetime warranty on the standard torch, 3 years on the smaller torch, victor or harris doesnt offer this, flashbacks are standard on the larger torch, the new victors are junk, from experience, i have had to return many , and sold the smith to replace them, victor has sold out to the chinese, because of the bankrupcy of thermadyne im sure, smith is in the family of ITW, which owns miller. He has contacted esab but they are no help. , { "@type": "Question", "acceptedAnswer": { Series 3 indicates that the tip should be used on the cutting attachment present on the 100-XX handle. Victor cutting torches utilize the oxy-fuel gas called “acetylene”. We have both at the plant I work at I hate Smith they are junk. Torch tip numbered 3-101 are made for medium duty Victor torches. "@type": "Question", Does anyone have any experience with the HF Heavy Duty Outfits? This torch is not fit for heavy-duty industrial application. This page was generated at 09:35 PM. The cutting function operates well with appropriate tips. How much is a victor cutting torch? The torch Handle specification is WH411C which comes with Built-in Check Valves. This torch can cut even 8-inch steel. So, you can adjust the oxygen flow rate according to your need. Smith still is made in the US By WELDINROPER Date 09-06-2008 13:16 I agree if your torchin I'm usin my Smith, if somebody else is helpin give them the Victor. Its really ironic, the reason I decided to get another Victor was because they have been so consistent with there design. Their prices range between $248.00 and $354.00. I process Scrap DAILY with my Harris 62A dedicated cutting torch. ", Smith is nice but i'm partial to Oxweld or Purox. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to HTH Bill. "name": "What is the best brand of cutting torch? They prefer Victor over Smith due to several reasons. Then turn the Acetylene valve up to 1/6- 1/5 turn. What is the best brand of cutting torch? They announced a lifetime warranty on EDGE Series 2.0 Regulators. ", Constant exposure to toxic metals and other chemicals leads to inhalation of these compounds. This welding torch is suitable for industrial and non-industrial steel fabrication. The torch handle is easy to use and control. This torch kit doesn’t contain the tips. The head angle is 90 degrees. I've done work that I did a lot of traveling and never had a problem finding Victor stuff. It features T-grade hose and is suitable for professional cutting jobs. "text": "Set the oxygen value to 40-50 psi. Users must follow the Instructions from the manufacturer before adjusting the tips and nozzles to maintain safety. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold. Welders can select their Best victor cutting torch and achieve their desired cutting.

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