strict compliance in a sentence

The importing companies can be closely involved in preventive measures, like ensuring strict compliance with safety and rights standards as part of their business deals". Paper records are shredded beyond practicable reconstruction; tapes are completely degaussed and then disposed of in compliance with local environmental regulations. Examples of Strict Compliance in a sentence The application may be recommended for approval or approval with conditions only if the applicant, subject to any conditions which may be imposed, meets the standards for a Waiver of Strict Compliance established in N.J.A.C. conditional on compliance with accessibility taxi regulations 34. CMS 6.0 is in compliance with all of the standards of the web. Atropine. He was ever courteous and kind in answering applications for assistance in the study of his works, even when his compliance must have cost him much time. We provide client peace of mind through achieving legislative compliance without complication. Modern Format: Those who prefer resumes that do not have objective lines assert that including this segment indicates compliance with out-of-date resume formatting guidelines. As they monitor the student's progress, school personnel make certain test scores are in compliance with state requirements. IT administrators can elect to block its use if they have security or compliance concerns. In the event of litigation, work papers provide evidence that services were in compliance with professional standards. The two sides are ready to make continued efforts to bring about universal accession to and effective compliance with the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. He was probably influenced by two considerations: first, by his profound aversion from Roman Catholicism, to which he felt he would be giving some episcopal recognition by compliance; but, second and more especially, by the feeling that James was compromising the spiritual freedom of the church. Her community admires her compliance with the ethic of compassion, but she does n't know a single male vegan within it. You must be in compliance with export laws and not associated with countries the USA considers naughty, like Cuba. The order angered Marshall, who wrote the president a memo of, 132. Jade Yoga mats are made of natural rubber in the United States, in compliance with all environmental laws. In addition to setting forth specific industry regulations, OSHA also works with employers to achieve compliance of the regulations at the company's request. At the expiration of the period (1893) Chile evaded compliance with the agreement, and under various pretexts retained forcible possession of the territory. 275+4 sentence examples: 1. 121. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Only on his very ungracious compliance did Great Britian also promise to countenance the union of Norway and Sweden (treaty of Stockholm, March 3, 1813); and, on the 23rd of April, Russia gave her guarantee to the same effect. They regularly review engineering and architectural drawings and specifications to monitor progress and ensure, 135. 's reporting is in strict compliance with accounting rules. compliance with their consuetudinary law, and especially with. The Directive specifies three ways in which, 124. The exchange should have a mechanism by which to enforce its members', 138. Nobody saw a panoply of State, local or even federal taxes and compliance regulations on the Internet as constructive. Police officers should use their weapons sparingly and then only to obtain compliance from unruly suspects or inmates. The average is the mean zonal percentage compliance for England and Wales. Then it says the secretary-general is determined to secure full compliance with UN decisions. Rather than viewing the objective statement as being in compliance with proper formats, people in this camp see them as a failure to move forward with the times to contemporary business document formatting considerations. The old division of the country into districts (nomoi) is maintained, and to the inhabitants of these districts demands are directly addressed by the governor of Egypt, while the head of the community, ordinarily a Copt, but in some cases a Moslem, is responsible for compliance with the demand. If your organization has not formalized its approach to compliance, you are at increasing risk for compliance violations and more. Carmen was obedient – how much was in her nature and how much was the result of strict upbringing was hard to determine. Ms. Makovich added that I.B.M. described in the paper appears to be to encourage compliance with prescribed inhalers and other medications. 148. A menacing letter was despatched by Sunderland to shake the firmness of the university; but, though humble and respectful explanations were returned, the university showed no sign of compliance, nor even of a desire to suggest a compromise. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words. 1300, forced outward compliance with Sunni Islam on the Mountain, after defeating the Druses at Ain Sofar. Strict compliance with technical data, checklists, and regulatory requirements is a must. They often lived on terms of intimacy either with the head of the house or its younger members; but it is to be feared that too often this intimacy was founded, not on mutual respect, as in the heroic example of Ulysses and Eumaeus, but on insolent self-assertion on the one side and a spirit of unworthy compliance on the other, the latter having its raison d'être in degrading services rendered by the slave. Compliance can be a serious barrier in treatments for sleep apnea. In the beginning of the 8th century, at the time of the iconoclastic controversy, the emperor Leo the Isaurian having forced compliance to his edict against the worshipping of images, the Neapolitans, encouraged by Pope Gregory III., threw off their allegiance to the Eastern emperors, and established a republican form of government under a duke of their own appointment. Prescription safety goggles prevent all of the aforementioned from happening while also protecting the eyes in compliance with national standards for vision protection. His mother, between domestic cares and constant infirmities (which, however, did not prevent an occasional plunge into fashionable dissipation in compliance with her husband's wishes), did but little for him. Giving the taxpayer an opportunity to rectify an omission in such cases is a means of enhancing voluntary compliance. If you're going to be traveling across state lines, find out what is required of your limo service for it to be in compliance. But he also learned stern, strict obedience, such as it was impossible for him to forget. The cause of unwanted vibration To minimize vibration it is often recommended to match the tonearm effective mass to the stylus compliance. Because the prisoner had a long history of compliance, the warden gave him extra outside privileges. 0 We provide client peace of mind through achieving legislative compliance without complication. Regardless of the procedure that you are required to follow when requesting benefits, you'll be required to demonstrate compliance with all applicable rules and regulations in order to qualify to receive payments. secure compliance with the law and may refer to this guidance as illustrating good practice. In Croatia the coalition was more opportunist than ever, and sent its delegates to the coronation of Charles as King of Hungary: by its compliance it obtained the appointment of its own nominee, Mr. Mihalovic, as Ban, and was thus able to husband Croatian resources and on occasion to practise passive resistance. His compliance did not save him from suspicion, which was especially aroused by the friendship of his eldest son, the duke of Chartres, with Dumouriez, and when the news of the desertion of Chartres with Dumouriez became known at Paris all the Bourbons left in France, including Egalite, were ordered to be arrested on the 5th of April. Informal means (a letter, tear-off slip ), will always be tried to achieve compliance before invoking formal procedures. The ceasefire agreement does not allow any state to punish Iraq's non compliance with force. Local distribution company compliance is required for connection of the renewable generator to the national grid. His subsequent advance to the kingship over Judah and Israel at Jerusalem is represented as due to the weak condition of Israel, facilitated by the compliance of Abner; partly, also, to the long-expressed wish of the Israelites that their old hero should reign over them. Chapter 9 Members felt that the section on verifying compliance was too long. If the price condition ca n't be imposed lawfully then compliance is effectively by agreement and the swingeing penalties come into play. oversees compliance with national controls assurance standards. We reiterate the necessity for the DPRK promptly to return to full compliance with the NPT.

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