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If you own one or both of these mics, give these suggestions a try. I find them pretty dang good on toms. The most reach forward and nulls out to the back corners. Then, I started recording a hard rock/metal band with a particularly active drummer who often played a lot of fast and intricate parts on the toms, and things got more complicated. When the session was over, editing the tom tracks was also much easier. At the time of my original shootout, I was using a different drum kit (Ludwig Classic Maple) in the studio, and the stock clips that came with the e604’s had not played nicely with the RIMS-style tom suspension mounts on those drums. Save 10% on new & used items with promo code FALLDEAL10. In the course of that shootout, part of what I discovered was that you could get some very different sounds out of the e604’s by changing the positioning of the mics on the drums. And in the process I’ve found a new favorite overhead mic: the M179. Positioning an M179 on the floor tom was easy enough, but he had several cymbals that made it very difficult to position them on the mounted toms. This polar pattern gives you a very mid-range heavy sound because you don’t have the big low end that is usually there from proximity effect. After that shootout, I continued using the M179’s as my go-to tom mics for the next few years. This is the quickest mic of the bunch. That’s my theory, but let’s have a listen…. So here I am a few years down the road, and I’ve come full circle on tom mics: I’m back to using the e604’s. The spill wasn’t bad at all with the e604’s. - - Tom Mic Shootout-M179, RE20, 421, 57, SM7, SM81 ... but the M179's take first prize for what I want to hear in a tom mic especially since you can dial in a tighter pattern. The e604 is very popular as a live sound microphone because it has a built on clip.  |  Tags: cad, e604, m179, mics, Sennheiser, tom. Take a listen to these two new broadcast mics. They don’t stand a chance to the sound and speed that the m179s produce, but these are a classic sound, and that’s why I included them. CAD M179 Condenser Mic This is the new standard for tom mics. They are $600 each, though, but I feel that the quality can be heard when comparing these to the $150 CAD m179. This is a stark contrast to the normal peaks in the waveforms (with the occasional harder hit on the snare) that I see with the small diaphragm condensers that I’ve often used in the past. What makes the m179 great is its ability to give you the meat of the drum, the fullness, and deep sound, without having to use a lot of EQ. In this episode, the guys gather around the drum to listen to some tom mics. I’ve taken the polar patterns comparison to a new lesson, but the Cardioid version of each mic is still compared here. I had to find another use for them, so I decided to try them out as overhead mics on the drum kit. by David Pietila; September 04, 2020; 1 min read; Unfiltered; In this episode, the guys gather around the drum to listen to some tom mics. I had to put them on some long mic boom stands and extend them out quite far. For example, in the frozen video frame below, you can see that both tom mics are almost pointed at a 90 degree angle to the large right cymbal. Would anyone really put these expensive mics this close to the drum head on a real session? The attack is much sharper and more preserved. (414 is you want a condenser) The RE20 is a high-quality dynamic mic that is great at staying clear of too much proximity build up even when very close to it’s source. Hero Member; Offline; Posts: 12809; Re: The Tom Mic Shootout « Reply #45 on: April 21, 2005, 02:07:41 pm » rlnyc wrote on Thu, 21 April 2005 05:20: funny, but you list nine mics and there only seem to be eight samples on the mp3... regardless, me like # 1 and 3 best. And they cost less! These two mics don’t have a matching pair, so I usually don’t use them on toms, but this will give you some idea how they compare. PPA Unfiltered: Tom Mic Shootout - Sennheiser e604 vs Avantone ATOM. Zoom's new PodTrak P8! The e604 is a staple in my studio when I have a bright overhead (Or any condensers for that matter). Remember that Ribbons will have the longest reach for the proximity effect, so even though the e604 would sound thin at this distance, these mics still have proximity effect left over. You may find that certain positions or mics will sound bad on their own, but sound very nice in the context of other microphones. This polar pattern is fairly easy to adjust the sound using the proximity effect. These are provided so that you can fully understand how each tom should sound on its own, and how sounds can add up to make a complete picture of the drum kit. Captures sound evenly from all directions. This may be a good option if you want a natural sound, and loud cymbals are not a problem. Ribbons often will share both qualities of dynamics and condenser mics. I look to pair the brightness from the overheads with something a little darker that is directly on the drums. A few months ago I picked up a pair used with shockmounts and a nice custom made flight case for $180. These mics are great for toms. This is the only mic that isn’t cardioid. Standard sound and medium proximity effect. In fact, as I listened back to those overhead tracks, I could almost imagine getting away with using ONLY the M179’s as overheads and maybe a close mic on the kick for some sessions. A modified 57 will have a little more top end, and perhaps a touch more bottom. Items mentioned in this post: We are going to do the same experiment, but with two mics, the Rode NT2000 & CAD m179. These mics really do work well, giving you an EQed sound right from the mic. Copyright © 2020 Creative Sound Lab - Recording School. TOM MIC Shootout ATM25 vs Beta98 vs 421 Gearslutz is part-supported by our visitors. Tama Starclassic Birch Drums, Categories: Drums, Live Sound, Recording, Reviews, Tips for Artists & Bands, Tips for Engineers If you don’t own them and are in the market for tom or overhead mics, you should definitely add them to your short list of models to consider. But I had since changed over to a different drum kit (Tama Starclassic Birch) with a different type of suspension mount that allowed me to use the stock e604 rim clips, rotate the mics 90 degrees to one side or the other, and put them right where I wanted: very close, with the mic’s body almost parallel to the head, with the mic pointing across the head instead of pointing down at it from an angle. When I positioned them in what I considered a fairly conventional way (a couple of inches above the head, pointing down toward the center of the head at an angle–see image above), I didn’t really like the sound of the tracks. After all, I’ve recorded some really outstanding acoustic guitar & tom tracks with them, but they just didn’t make an ideal tom mic for every recording situation. This better handling of transients could allow one to push the overhead tracks a little higher in a mix without them peaking out too high, giving a nice, roomy sound to the kit. Second, the spill on the tom tracks was really bad, and made it very difficult to edit them. This blog contains affiliate links to products that we own and use.

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