why is the human genome project important

Plant and animal genomes allow us to create more disease resistant plants. An average gene consists of 3000 bases; the largest known human gene being dystrophin with 2.4 million bases. 1990: The Human Genome Project is established to map the human genome. The human genome project was important because of the following reasons: The complete sequencing of the human chromosome 22, followed by sequencing of chromosome 21 was done in May 2000. 1) There are between 30,000 and 40,000 genes in the human genome. DNA molecules are composed of a pair of twisting strands. 1996: The “Bermuda Principles” for free Human Genome Project data access are drafted. Some examples of this technology are the use of DNA microchips, and the use of improved DNA probes. The first benefit is discovering where genetic mutations that cause certain genetic diseases are found within the human genome. 1998: Celera Genomics Corporation is founded to sequence the human genome. Human Genome gives all the information of persons regarding his physique, different organs, blood etc. 1999: The first human chromosome is decoded (chromosome 22). Identify all the genes approximately (approximately 20000 to 25000) in human DNA. Dr. Harry Stylli has provided executive leadership to numerous innovative companies. Timeline of events leading to the discovery of the human genome. Some of the legal, ethical and social issues concerns arising from the new genetics are the fairness in the use of genetic information by usurers; privacy and confidentiality of genetic information; psychological impact and stigmatization due to individuals' genetic differences. The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international thirteen-year project that began on October 1990. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Contribute Thoughts | Like other materials on Serendip, it is not intended to be "authoritative" but rather to help others further develop their own explorations. Genetics will help us understand human evolution and the common life that we all share in biology. What Is Ulcerative Colitis and Is There a Cure? This kind of information would also create possibilities for new gene therapies. The project revealed that there are somewhere in the order of 20,000 human genes—far fewer than previous estimates of 50,000 and higher. In clinical medicine, the human genome gives important clues in the understanding of human diseases in terms of human biology and pathology. These databases will make it easier for scientists to study the human genome and make it easier for healthcare workers to identify carriers of a genetic disease so treatment can be administered sooner. This would be the ultimate goal of The Human Genome Project: to understand the human genome. Copyright © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. Even genetical and hereditary disorders can be prevented and cured by such technology. The Human Genome Project is a very ambitious and costly project but it was definitely worth the time and money invested in it. The Human Genome Project made it possible to ask and address new types of scientific questions. Human cells contain DNA, which in turn contains its structural units called nucleotides. Genetic testing is currently available for more than 400 conditions, and prenatal diagnosis is possible in some of them. This is why another very important purpose of the project is to create guidelines dealing with the social, legal and ethical implications of DNA information and technology. There are also concerns about issues that might develop in the future. However there are also some serious issues against it including the development of a genetic underclass if employers are allowed to use genetic information in order to make hiring decisions. Powerful computers were used to store and share the enormous amount of information derived from the analyses of the human DNA. There are also many ethical issues to face and it is important that the creation of legal guidelines can keep up with the fast pace of genetic research, so the valuable information gained from this project is not abused. While some of these tests have greatly improved and even saved lives, scientists remain unsure of how to interpret many of them.

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